Why GangUp?

The idea behind the GangUp app took shape when my son, was attending the Orientation for his undergrad program at a University in USA. The program was to enable him to interact with fellow students. Later, he shared with me how difficult it had been for him to break the ice with the others. He was not only new to the place, but also to the country, the environment, and to the social practices here. He knew no one around him, while most others, being native residents, had friends all around. But, there were many like him too, who had no clue on how to advance! And that’s when he made a wish… ”I wish there was an app that would help me connect with fellow students beforehand, much before the orientation, much before we actually meet in person! Wouldn’t it be great to know like-minded students and look forward to meet them at the Orientation?”


Yes, that sure seemed to be the need of the hour! An app that would make it so much easier for outside-the-country freshers, to start the Orientation with excitement and eagerness rather than with stress and anxiety!.

That sounded good! I had the resources to bring this idea to live! So I had had an initial discussion with my tech team back home. It was a demanding situation and after subsequent deep diving sessions, we had thought of so many more such circumstances where this app would prove extremely helpful. That’s because, the “fear of the unknown” hits almost anyone planning to attend an Event in a new place, with new people around! Sometimes, it’s not just comfort of having friends around, but it could be the need of making social contact for growth or progress. So who could be Gangup’s target audience.

Business Conference or a Professional Event

The central idea was- ‘Making Events Easy to Attend…by enabling attendees to know each other beforehand’.

Thinking of the “WHY?” behind the concept helped us compile the features that would go into the pilot app. The only doubt seemed to be about how to leverage from an already existing user-base? FB has the largest user base, and FB Events are very well known and largely used. So, we decided, that initially, Facebook Events would be the right place to harness our data from! And then came the question…what do we name the app? There were many suggestions, but the team were all for GANGUP. So GangUp it was!

Connect over events